Our Statement On Ukraine

Hello, my name is Simona Igorevna Rozhko and I am the founder of evna media PR. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and came to the U.S. with my parents and older sister in 1989.

evna media PR stands in solidarity with Ukraine.

The unthinkable circumstances unfolding in Ukraine have moved me deeply. evna media PR is more than an agency– we are a community and a platform and it is our responsibility as communicators to provide the necessary information and resources to help those in need and give Ukrainians a voice.

I chose ‘evna’ for the company name to champion my Ukrainian heritage and to acknowledge us as a female-founded company rooted in values and culture. Historically, ‘evna’ is part of a Ukrainian female’s middle name, which at birth, is patronymic. The father’s first name is identified then the very ending of the name is removed and replaced with the suffix ‘evna’ and used for a female’s middle name.  

The current circumstances unfolding in Ukraine have affected me, my family, and so many others. My personal connection to the suffering in Ukraine is felt each and every day while family and friends navigate unusual new norms in Kyiv, Ukraine, surrounding cities, and other countries as refugees flee for safety. To aid those in need, my family and I have started a $100k campaign to provide a Direct Relief Fund for families, children, those with disabilities, refugees, and orphans in Ukraine so that we can personally manage and offer continual humanitarian aid to our brothers and sisters who are hurting and on a journey of the unknown. As of April 1, 2022, we have successfully made 15 bank transfers to families in need in Kyiv, Western Ukraine, and refugees that have fled. Donations have provided shelter, food, gas, medicine, basic necessities, and common supplies and these recipients have shared an outpour of thanks and gratitude.

We encourage others in our industry to learn ways to support the crisis in Ukraine by using their platform to share valid and important information.

As a company, we would like to extend our support to Ukrainian brands and people who are seeking PR support, advice, or consulting. Please reach out to hello@evnamedia.com to learn more.

If you feel called to donate or share, please follow the fundraiser link below. Every big or small donation and share helps someone in need in Ukraine. 

Direct Relief Fund

Thank you,
Simona Igorevna Rozhko

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