Evna Media PR is a bi-coastal public relations agency recognized for building award-winning brands on a global scale. Our approach to public relations is both value-driven and result-driven. The company’s value system is rooted in personal beliefs that transcend into work beliefs. We believe they should compliment one another, these values mean clean formulas, slow production, sustainable + ethical practices, give-back elements, and inclusivity.

Founded by Simona Rozhko, Evna Media PR was built on the founder’s global perspective on communication and culture. Knowing two ways of life, born in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, Simona comes from a wide range of agency experience. Evna Media PR has helped build some of the industry’s favorite emerging beauty, wellness, and fashion brands into household names and easily identifies trends and buzzwords before they are mainstream in order to set the bar. We push forth narratives that create new standards in media, consumerism, and the marketplace.

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