We have been recognized for our ability to spot emerging brands, identify distinct narratives, and stay on top of trends in the media landscape. We understand what it takes to produce a strong storytelling experience and have showcased an unmatched track record in the public relations industry.

Traditional Earned Media

We are the driving force behind media relations across online, print, broadcast, and podcast channels. With a deep understanding of your brand voice and positioning, our team builds newsworthy story angles, crafts press releases, pitches key journalists and editors, and coordinates interviews to build and maintain positive relationships with media contacts for your brand. This includes outreach for launch-to-market campaigns, seasonal and trend news cycles, holiday gift guides, company tentpole moments, and founder spotlights/thought leadership to secure organic media coverage, increasing brand visibility, credibility, and reputation.

Brand Partnerships + Collaborations

Consider us the matchmaker to your dream brand partner. We identify strategic opportunities for your brand to collaborate on new products, collections, and projects with complementary brands and tastemakers to achieve mutual PR and marketing objectives. This includes researching and vetting potential partner entities and measuring the success of partnerships through metrics such as audience reach, engagement, brand sentiment, and ROI. The goal is to leverage the strengths and audiences of both parties to create innovative campaigns, increase brand visibility, expand market reach, and enhance overall brand perception and affinity among target audiences.

Events + Activations

Our team ideates and organizes memorable launch events for your brand to maximize impactful experiences with target audiences. Under 5k events includes conceptualizing event themes and formats, coordinating logistics such as venue selection, catering, managing invitations, and guest lists, developing event collateral and messaging, and securing media coverage and attendance. For events over 5k, we will recommend our trusted event producers, while EVNA PR focuses on getting media there. From media dinners and brunches to store openings, pop-ups, speaking panels, VIP media trips, red carpet, and NYFW backstage sponsorships, we will help reinforce brand messaging, foster meaningful connections, generate buzz, and engage and widen your community.

VIP Gifting + Relationship management

We harness the power of relationships by identifying and engaging with influential individuals (such as tastemakers, celebrities, and industry leaders) to build authentic relationships for your brand. This includes strategically gifting products or experiences tailored to their interests, maintaining ongoing communication and personalized interactions, and leveraging these relationships to enhance brand advocacy within target audiences and communities.

Affiliate Marketing

We’re your trusted partners who act as a liaison between your brand and media outlets and publish to promote your brand’s products or services through affiliate partnerships. This includes identifying reliever media partners with audiences align with your target market, negotiating affiliate terms such as commission rates and promotional activities, providing media partners with affiliate links, merchant ID’s, and tracking tools, monitoring affiliate-driven traffic and sales conversions, optimizing campaigns for performance, and fostering ongoing relationships with key media affiliates.


We turn your brand into an award-winning one. We help craft compelling award submissions that highlight your innovation, unique ingredients or materials used, technology, point of difference, and achievements, adhering to award submission guidelines and deadlines, coordinating with internal teams and stakeholders to gather necessary information, sample send-outs, and submitting entries to the respective award programs showcasing your brand’s excellence and industry leadership.