“This was our first time working with a PR team, and we are so happy we went with Evna Media PR. Our experience with them has been nothing but exceptional.

Their involvement in our Sephora launch was instrumental in securing media coverage from top publications such as FORBES and VOGUE, significantly contributing to our successful retail debut.

What sets Evna Media PR apart is their attention to detail and customized approach to every campaign. They take the time to understand each brand’s unique needs and tailer their PR strategies accordingly. They genuinely care about every brand they work with and consistently go above and beyond to ensure their campaigns succeed. The entire team is also incredibly kind and easy to work with.

If you’re looking for a PR team to take your brand to new heights, Evna Media PR is the perfect choice. Their team of experts will not only meet, but exceed your expectations, bringing visibility and growth to your brand. If you are considering Evna Media PR, take this as your sign to hire them; you won’t regret it.”

-Founder, Sravya Adusumilli


“Evna Media PR has been spectacular at helping bring brand awareness to my small business. From the start, they have understood the direction I want to take my company and have helped to build the groundwork to get there. I like to be very intentional with my company and its press goals and Simona and her team recognize that and make sure that any and all media opportunities and placements fall in line with my company ethos as well as my own. They have helped build me as a founder and why you should be interested in my expertise and Maison Ko.

Simona, Megan, and the entire Evna Media PR team are beyond attentive and are always on top of press opportunities, deadlines, and updates. They are incredibly organized and maintain professionalism in all that they do. Everyone is so sweet and cares about all of their clients, whether they are assigned to them or not.

Evna Media PR has been able to bring attention to my company in a very tasteful and organic way that I couldn’t be happier with. I am excited to continue to grow with their team!”

-Founder, David Ko


“Where do I even begin? EVNA is family. The entire team carries the same enthusiasm, attentiveness, and detailed eye. It’s uncanny. Every meeting is joyful and encouraging. Working with EVNA held us accountable to our timelines because they were proactive in following up on upcoming seasons and new strategies. I can confidently say that EVNA will go to battle for you and will always have your back. Not only did their published features acquire verification on our social media accounts, but they also helped us catch the eye of editors from Oprah Daily. In turn, they secured us a spot in Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2021. This brought 300% new traffic to our website and contributed to our growth of 100% from the year before. Beyond that, the press improved the SEO on our website by increasing backlinks so frequently.”

– Co-Founder, Karen Lee


“Evna Media PR has played a crucial role in enhancing Klur’s brand awareness and boosting our overall success. They have been instrumental in the successful launch of several key Klur products. Their strategic approach to product launches, including crafting compelling press releases, organizing product unveilings, and securing media coverage, has generated substantial buzz around our offerings. This has led to higher sales and customer engagement during launch periods. These moments have not only boosted our credibility but also increased our reach to a wider and more diverse audience. Their efforts have positioned us as a trustworthy and innovative brand, which has been crucial in building long-term customer loyalty. This collaboration is more than just a business partnership—it’s like working with an extended family.”

-Founder, Lesley Thornton